Best ‘Underground’ Information Sources On Ukraine Dating

It’s easy to find sugar coated vanilla dating advice as regards Ukrainian women, but what about real truth from men who have spent sometimes years or even decades trying to find love with Ukrainian women? I’ve termed these sources ‘underground’ because they often come from rather ‘shady’ alternative forums dedicated to a ‘player’ lifestyle (or more commonly called these days ‘PUAs’ – pick-up-artists). Nevertheless, the same rules often apply for men seeking more permanent relationships with Ukrainian women, and they can be a good source of wisdom if you keep a critical mind, and certainly for practical matters such as staying in the Ukraine for extended periods, the best cities to visit in terms of things like demographics, level of English spoken, average beauty of the local women etc.

Keep A Critical Mind And Retain Viewer Discretion

However, viewer discretion is advised, and linking to any of the sites or individuals below does not necessarily constitute an endorsement for any or all of the advice or political views they express.

Naughty Nomad – The No 1 Travel Blog For Men

Naughty Nomad is one such blog, aimed at men of all ages who wish to pursue a lifestyle of location independence whilst chasing the local women. This ‘nomadic’ lifestyle is becoming increasingly accessible with the ever easier ability to earn a living online. And with most cafes, hotels, and hostels having free wi-fi these days, there is a now a large culture of male ‘digital nomads’ who feel it not only makes sense to base themselves where the food and beer is cheaper, but also where the local women are more beautiful and feminine.

The site also has a thriving forum community which has a number of threads devoted to the Ukraine, and Kiev in particular –

RooshV Forum Where Love Tourists Share Tips On Dating Ukrainian Women

Controversial ‘love tourist’ RooshV has a popular forum frequented by hundreds or thousands of such fellow travellers. There are a number of threads devoted to Ukraine, the latest ‘mega-thread’ being this :

The forum is famous for outlandish claims and anonymous players boasting of unbelievable sexual prowess with beautiful women. However, such braggarts are usually called out by other forum members, and the forum is a good place for practical travel tips, especially for those looking to make the search for a beautiful Ukrainian woman part of their lifestyle.

Krauser PUA & How To Pick Up Beautiful Ukrainian Women In The Street

Other than Roosh V, the most famous PUA to write about his frequent visits to Kiev is ‘Krauser PUA’, a bald 40 plus Geordie who claims to be able to regularly bed beautiful Ukrainian women after talking to them in the street using his ‘daygame’ skills. Krauser has a disdain for the conventional routes of meeting women in nightclubs or through online dating, and believes the ‘highest quality’ women are to be found on the streets during the daytime. Here are three blog posts of his that really shed a light on what it’s like to spend hours on the pavements of Kiev, searching for beauties to seduce.