Five Alternatives To The Ukraine For Love Tourists

You’re seeking love with a beautiful Ukrainian woman, so you need to book a flight to Kiev and start packing, right? Well, not necessarily. Kiev and many other cities in the Ukraine are beautiful and generally safer for visitors than most people think, but lets not pretend that even short visits to the Ukraine can often cause stress and problems for foreigners. Thankfully, there are alternatives to the Ukraine for those wanting a Ukrainian girlfriend or those seeking to maximize their chances of finding a Ukrainian style beauty.

The Ukraine Is Not A European Country

Although the Ukraine appears to be heading in the direction of joining Europe, it’s a long way from doing so, despite Ukrainian citizens now have visa free travel rights to most EU member states. As somebody who has visited the country many times, I’ll be frank with you. The Ukraine is a Third World Asian country.

Many European Cities Have Large Numbers Of (Female) Ukrainian Students & Workers

A number of European cities, particularly in Eastern Europe, have large Ukrainian ex-pat communities. This trend is only growing with the decision last year (2018) to grant Ukrainian citizens visa free travel throughout most of Europe. As you might expect, the largest ex-pat population is in Russia, where almost 2 million Ukrainians live. More notable is that an estimated 1 million Ukrainians now live and work in Poland – out of a population of 38 million.

1 # Poland

Ukrainians working and living abroad range from burly male construction workers to sweet and feminine 18 year old girls studying at college or university. Of course it’s the latter you’re looking for, and you will need to do a bit of research to find the best locations to a little Ukrainian love searching in. One obvious place to look is towns with large university populations. For example, Krakow in Poland is sure to be filled with young Ukrainian hotties. Ukrainians now make up over half of the entire foreign student population in Poland. In 2014, over 30,000 were studying at Polish universities, with a majority of them being female. That number is sure to have risen even more over the last five years.

Poland is of course an EU country, and one of the most developed countries in Eastern Europe, with a fast growing economy yet still remaining cheap for Westerners. English is widely spoken and spending extended periods in the country is a hassle free experience.

2 # Czech Republic (Prague)

If you want to find Ukrainian women in the Czech Republic, you better head to Prague. Not only does it have a number of universities and further education institutions increasingly filled with young Ukrainian beauties, but it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations for young Ukrainians. Young people from the former Soviet Union (FSU) tend to visit Prague because it has a reputation of being the most hedonistic and liberal city in Eastern Europe. In other words, they want to let their hair down, rebel, feel free and alive, and maybe a holiday romance.

3 # Russia

If you love Ukrainian women, then you’re going to similarly love Russian women. Further, despite the breakdown in relations between the two countries in recent years, there are literally millions of young women studying or working in Russia, particularly the big cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg.

As an alternative to the Ukraine, it comes down to whether you consider Russia to be a better, safer, and easier country to navigate and pursue women in. Although Russia is less corrupt than the Ukraine, for obvious reasons it is generally much harder to visit for Westerners, with a Visa needing to be obtained from a Russian embassy weeks before your travel. Unlike many Eastern European cities, it”s not a good destination to go love hunting for a weekend, but if you are ready and willing to commit several weeks or more in the country then the sheer beauty of the local girls is more than worth the rigmarole of getting there.

Russians and Ukrainians are essentially the same ethnicity. Ukrainian girls have a reputation of being sweeter than their Russian cousins, and this might have some truth to it, but despite this, you might find approaching Russian (or Ukrainian) girls in Moscow easier than Ukrainian girls in Kiev, simply because in Ukrainian cities like Kiev there are thousands of foreign men sharing your intentions, and thus being regularly approached brings out the bitch shield in many. The fact that competition (at least from other foreign men) is much reduced in Russia itself might also be a factor to consider.

4 # Serbia & The Balkan States

Serbia is one of the very few countries in the world in which the women are often rated to be even more beautiful than Ukrainians. Like the Ukraine and Russia, it uses the Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet and most of its people belong to the Eastern Orthodox Church. Like the Ukraine, Serbia is easy to travel to for Westerners, without suffering from the level of corruption and other associated problems. Serbian women are, however, famous for being ruthless in brushing off unwanted male admiration, so you need a strong pair of balls to approach a long legged Serbian beauty in a club or on the street.

5 # Sweden

Sweden is the only Western country where the standard of beauty of the native women can approach that of the Ukraine. And obviously, spending time there is easier (if a lot more expensive) than in the Ukraine or elsewhere in Eastern Europe. Don’t be put off by Sweden’s growing reputation for being the ‘Saudi Arabia of feminism’. Women are still friendly, feminine, and for the most part very much non-man hating. Just use common sense when dating and be aware that there are an increasing number of bizarre laws being introduced by feminists which could trip you up such as not wearing a condom during sex.

Also Consider – Turkey

The number 1 holiday destination for Ukrainian girls is Turkey. Cheap flights to a cheap country with sundrenched beaches only a couple of hours flight away from Kiev and with visa free travel. Visit a Turkish beach in spring or autumn and you will see an array of bikini clad young Ukrainian women sunbathing.

And of course, they are there not only for the sun, but to have fun, and often to find romance.