How To Obtain A Ukrainian Residence Permit

If you are a foreigner intending to stay in the Ukraine for more than 90 days, then you will have to apply for a temporary residence permit. This isn’t always easy and like all things in the Ukraine, the process can be a little complicated. Thankfully, there are a few shortcuts available if you want to spend an extended period in the country.

Ukrainian Residency Shortcuts For Foreigners

These are the quickest shortcuts to a legal stay in the Ukraine of more than ninety days.

  • Cross over the border every 90 days. Although not ideal, it’s common practice and saves the need of applying for a temporary residence permit all-together.
  • Marry a Ukrainian woman. If you marry a Ukrainian citizen, then you have automatic right to a residence permit.
  • Work within a religious organization. If you took your bible classes then you may be able to acquire a residence permit if you are doing religious work in the Ukraine.
  • Enroll at a local college. College fees are cheap and should give you a right to residence for the length of your studies. You might also be sharing classes with some hotties.

YouTube Vlogger Taya On Ukrainian Residency Rules & Permits

Our favourite expert on all things Ukraine and dating Ukrainian girls – the sweet and lovely Taya – gives some useful information on applying for visas (if you need one to visit the Ukraine) and temporary residence permits. Residence permits are only needed if you intend to stay for more than 3 months, and even then, it can be simpler to just skip across the border with Slovakia or Poland or take a break out of the Ukraine for a week and return. Of course, if you seeking to settle down permanently in the Ukraine, or if you have a job there, then permits and visas are essential.

Visas For Short Term Stays In The Ukraine

Citizens of most Western countries, including the USA, the United Kingdom, and most of Europe, do not require a visa to visit the Ukraine for stays of no more than 90 days. However, there are a handful of countries, as well as large number of African and Asian countries, where citizens still have to apply for a visa before entering the Ukraine. Most notably, these countries include Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico.

Fortunately, applying for a visa online for the Ukraine (called an ‘e-visa’) is a very simple process if made through a professional and trusted visa application site such as iVisa.

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