Top Five Ukrainian Dating Advice YouTubers

1 # Taya Ukraine – Ukrainian Life and Culture

Taya is a beautiful, sweet and young Ukrainian woman who has been vlogging about the Ukraine and its culture and dating scene for several years now. Taya is perhaps the most beautiful Ukrainian YouTuber, but her videos certainly aren’t simply eye candy. The reason she has the largest number of subscribers is primarily because her videos are always honest, informative and entertaining. Whether you are travelling to the Ukraine for business, simply as a tourist, or looking for love, you will gain a lot by subscribing to her channel. And if Taya can’t explain to you what young and single Ukrainian women like her are looking for in foreign partners, then probably nobody can.

Taya has 22,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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2 # Reznikova Relationship (Olga Reznikova)

Olga is another beautiful young Ukrainian who has a YouTube channel devoted to giving relationship advice for Western men seeking dating and marriage partners in the Ukraine. Unlike Taya, she doesn’t give much information about the culture or life in Ukraine, dealing more exclusively with dating advice. She also produces a lot of warning videos about scams you might encounter when travelling inside the Ukraine (or crossing the broder), when dealing with Ukrainian dating agencies, or when dating girls. This is a good thing, in that it gives an indication that Olga’s advice is genuine and not simply promoting agencies.

Olga has 12,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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3 # YevhenCo – Local Dating Advice from a Ukrainian Male

Something a little different – advice on Ukrainian lifestyle, culture, dating, and girls from a young local male. Yevhen’s videos are entertaining and informative, often involving him and his cameraman going out on the streets of Kiev and interviewing beautiful young girls and asking them their thoughts on life, love, and foreign men.

Yevhen has 10,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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4 # Veronika Olson – Mature Ukrainian Woman Dating Advice

Maybe you would prefer to get advice on dating in the Ukrainian from a slightly older YouTuber. Veronika is that, but no less beautiful than the other lady vloggers on this list. Veronika tends to make short, accessible videos that give advice on a variety of topics relating to dating Ukrainian women, as well as often just giving us a glimpse of her own life in the Ukraine and on her travels.

Veronika has 7,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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5 # Valentyna Bunak – Ukrainian Marriage Agency Advice Channel

Valentyna is an elegant and very attractive Ukrainian woman who makes informative videos giving practical tips for men seeking partners in her country. Unlike several of the others on the list, she isn’t an independent vlogger at all and represents one particular dating agency. Perhaps this is why she has so relatively few subscribers, but nonetheless, her videos contain some useful advice and are certainly easy on the eyes.

Valentyna has 250 subscribers on YouTube.

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