Ukrainian Girls from Provinces go to Kiev to Seek Rich Sponsors

As average living standards in the Ukraine continue to rank at Third World levels, the controversial arrangement of ‘sponsorship’, in which young local women trade sexual and romantic favors with wealthy foreign men, is thriving as much as ever.

Ukrainian women are known throughout the world for their beauty and femininity. For many Western men, they represent something of a lost ideal, possessing qualities that are hard to find in European and American females these days. Western women are also becoming known for being picky and hard to please, setting unrealistic standards for potential dates. There is a feeling that the sexual market place has become skewed in favor of women in the West, and that an average looking, perhaps older but successful man, has a much higher chance of finding a beautiful girl to date in a country like the Ukraine. Especially if he is willing to support the girl with her studies.

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Whilst most of the former communist countries of Eastern Europe have made remarkable economic progress since the fall of the Berlin Wall, because of corruption and geopolitical reasons – in particular the complicated relationship with Russia which has led to a proxy war being fought in the east – Ukraine has continued to lag behind. In fact, recently the Ukraine was estimated to have a smaller economy than it did in the final years of the Soviet Union. In Ukraine, the average income of a young female is lower than anywhere else in Europe or America, yet the average standard of female beauty is higher than anywhere else in the world. You do the maths.

Should We Judge The Practice of Rich Men Sponsoring Young Ukrainian Women?

It’s easy today, especially in the West, to condemn the practice of sponsorship as a form of prostitution in all but name, however, in most periods of history, economic necessities were the basis for most relationships. Sponsorship arrangements are beneficial for both parties. The Western man dates a ‘girlfriend’ who would almost certainly be out of his league in his home country. The female clearly benefits financially and materially, and often is likely to have more time to devote to her studies than if she was dating a needy local boy her age, and perhaps having to work part-time in a bar or restaurant to pay for her studies. Furthermore, the girl isn’t motivated entirely by money, and is looking to form a real emotional attachment to the man, otherwise she could easily go into prostitution or other formal sex work. A sponsorship arrangement can simply make sense for her both emotionally and financially.

I’ve visited Kiev many times, and one thing I’ve noticed is that, despite the huge number of ‘sex tourists’ who flock to the city, particularly from Turkey, there is very little evidence of overt prostitution on the streets. I’m unaware even of any ‘red light district’ that is commonly found in other European cities, and which become uncomfortable areas to visit for women and girls, especially at night, and even men, attracting as they do drug dealers and other characters engaging in illicit activity.

In other words, whilst not validating or encouraging sponsorship, I can understand why it takes place in the Ukraine, and that the alternatives are much worse. We in the West should certainly not judge and might even have something to learn from the oractice. Let’s leave it to the local men who can’t compete with their wealthier foreign rivals, to express their disgust and jealousy.

1 in 3 Ukrainian Students Sponsored By A Foreign Man?

Ukrainian men aren’t so happy with local girls being sponsored by rich foreign men, as this spiteful Russian language (translated) article makes clear. It describes how thousands of young women are moving from the provinces to the capital city Kiev in the hope of finding a rich sugar daddy who will ‘sponsor’ them in return for sexual favours.

One month of maintenance costs 10-15 thousand dollars.

Young and treacherous girls are hunting for other people’s men in non-stop mode. Every year, thousands of unmarried beauties migrate to the capital in the hope of making a career as a woman .

Already every third student is ready to drop textbooks and jump into bed with a moneybags to pull money out of it, the Groshi program says.